Reservation and cancellation policy

The terms of booking and booking cancellation. Booking of services or equipment can be placed by the oral, the written or the electronic booking systems.


Accommodation period in cottages starts at 2 p.m. and ends at 12 noon. Accommodation period in tourist vans and tents starts at 3 p.m. and ends at 3 p.m. Holiday and camping cottages booked beforehand will be reserved for you until 6 p.m., if late arrival was not agreed on.

  1. Individual clients
  • If the arrival is cancelled the booking must be cancelled immediately by phone or by email.
  • If it is a paid booking, you can ask for a refund on the email address Do not forget to indicate your last name, the booking number, the period of accommodation, as well as the number of the account at which you would like to receive the payment. Payments made using a credit card will be refunded back at the credit card. The refund application should be placed no later than 14 days after the booking cancellation.

Booking for standard periods

  • At the refund, office expenses of 20 euros will be charged. If accommodation is booked for one night, the booking can be cancelled the day before the beginning of booking time up to 6 p.m., after that the service provider can charge the whole cost of the booking for its cancellation.
  • The Client who has booked accommodation for several nights or several residential units can cancel his booking 7 days before the arrival date.
  • After that for booking cancellation the service provider can charge 50% of the booking cost for the period until the residential unit is sold again.
  • If a Client cancels booking of accommodation for several nights or several residential units less than 48 hours before the arrival date, and the residential unit is not sold during this period, the service provider has the right to charge the whole cost of the booking.

2. Booking for special events that include no less than two days of accommodation (for example, during the celebration of Juhannus)

  • Booking for special events is always paid beforehand via the website or by issuing an invoice. If the Client does not make the payment in due time, the service provider can unilaterally cancel the booking and offer the unit for sale again. Attention! Failure to pay for the booking is not booking cancellation! If the Client cancels his booking and the unit stays unsold as the booking was not paid for in due time (and was not cancelled in written form), the Client who did not arrive in time is to pay the whole booking cost.
  • Office expenses of 20 euros are charged for booking cancellation, if this cancellation was made no later than 14 days before the date of arrival.

In case of later booking cancellations, the service provider has the right to retain compensation out of the agreed cost in the following way:

  • 8 to 13 days before arrival - 50% of the booking cost
  • less than 7 days before arrival - 100% of the booking cost

In case of failure to appear, the camping has the right to retain the whole cost of booked services from the Client.

In case of early departure before the agreed-on date, the whole cost of the unused period is charged.

General terms and conditions (individual clients and groups)

Accommodation and cleaning the cottage

The cost of accommodation includes the right to use a residential unit, as well as equipment provided for this residential unit. Clients should use bed sheets, sleeping bags, etc. Bed sheets can be provided for extra cost at the reception.

Normal final cleaning is included into the accommodation cost of camping cottages (cottages with no toilet or shower). The client is expected to empty the fridge and carry empty bottles and garbage out to a waste collection point. If you have rented bed linen, please leave them stacked on the top of the bed

Year-round cottages stay cleaning information if the client want to make it them self.

The service provider can charge the final cleaning costs afterwards, if the Client has left the cottage without cleaning.

Booking interruption related to disruptive behavior

If a Client's or a guest's behavior does not conform to the general organizational rules established at the camping or the instructions handed out by the camping's personnel, and if, despite the notifications or warnings of the camping's representative, the Client does not stop disturbing the order and safety at the residential building he rented or at its surroundings, the camping has the right to immediately cease to provide the Client with the accommodation services. All actual expenses caused by the aforementioned measures are paid for by the guest.

Damages, losses and complaints

All faults of equipment or the state of the residential building should be immediately made known to the camping's personnel so that they could fix them or compensate for them, if possible. If the unfavorable factors cannot be fixed or compensated for right away, it is necessary to send a complaint concerning this situation. Complaints filed later will not be treated. A Client should also immediately report and fix damage he caused to the residential building, other buildings of the camping or its movable property. If damages are not timely reported, the loss is later calculated according to the price list in effect: the guest bears full responsibility for the state of an accommodation unit he booked during the whole period of stay. The service provider is not responsible for problems caused by third parties (for example, failure in water or power provision, in telecommunication or television networks).

Number of persons

The maximum number of people allowed in one residential area equals to the number of sleeping accommodations and additional beds. The number of people should be indicated in the application no later than during check-in at your arrival, and this number cannot be exceeded.

Obligation to submit personal data

According to the Law "On Accommodation", before arrival a tourist is obliged to fill in an application form. A Client can fill in and print the electronic application form on the website in advance, what will make his camping check-in faster. The application form should be filled in no later than at check-in. According to the Criminal Code, violation of the obligation to submit one's personal data or submission of false personal data results in a punishment.

Smoking and pets

Smoking is allowed only outside of residential areas. For smoking, indoors service staff has the right to charge an extra fee associated with cleaning and ventilation expenses.

It is allowed to bring your pets with you, but you should always inform us about it beforehand. Pet accommodation for the whole period of your stay costs the additional fee of 10 euros. Pets are not permitted to be on the bed or on the couch. An illness of a pet does not constitute a reason for booking cancellation.


Even if you have a health certificate, office expenses of 20 euros per booking are charged. In case of booking of several residential rooms or group booking, one person's illness does not give the right to cancel the whole booking.


First of all, the service provider and the Client try to resolve all the disputes by negotiation and find a consensus decision. If the Client and the service provider cannot reach agreement, the Client can file the case for hearing to the Consumer Disputes Board.

The service provider's right to cancel a booking

The camping is not responsible for booking cancellation related to force majeure circumstances. In this case the Client has the right to receive the prepaid cost of accommodation. The service provider's responsibility is limited only to refund of the received amount, and he does not bear liability to compensate for the undelivered services. In case of force majeure, if possible, the service provider can offer to exchange the booking for another accommodation type as an option.

At any time, the service provider has the right to change the service type, its content and terms of this agreement informing the Client through the website. The change takes effect immediately, but for the Client the terms that existed at the moment of booking stay in effect.